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Appointment setting services fuel business growth

Do you need appointment setting services?

• Could your business benefit from 200 to 1000 telemarketing and cold calls each week?
• Would new sales appointments allow you to better penetrate your market and find new customers?
• Would a steady stream of new sales appointments help grow your business?
• Does your sales team have time to research prospects and leads, make cold calls, and set new appointments?

To assess your team, please visit assess your staff page.


Why would a company outsource their appointment setting?

Many companies outsource appointment setting campaigns to a third party, so that their existing sales team can focus on closing sales and securing new accounts. Our staff is fully trained in the techniques of cold calling, lead generation, and appointment setting. For more information, please review our outsourcing page.



How are appointments qualified?

We typically ask two types of questions before setting an appointment or generating a new sales lead.

Qualifying questions are utilized to determine if the prospect is a viable customer for you. These questions are designed so that answers will include or eliminate a sales prospect. A qualifying question might be "What type of business do you have?", “Do you use X service?”, or “How many employees do you have?”. Specific qualifying questions are developed for every marketing campaign.

Probing questions are designed to gather information that is helpful to the sales rep. conducting the appointment. Probing questions are designed to provide specific areas of focus for the sales rep. and are essential for conducting the sales appointment and closing the sale. Probing questions could be: “Are you the decision maker?“ or “ Do you purchase as needed or based on your budget cycle?”.

The questions that we ask will be unique to your offering, campaign, and your company. Contact us to learn more about the questions that might be appropriate for your commercial telemarketing campaign.


How can appointment setting help my business?

We will increase your sales and revenue by bringing qualified appointments to your outside sales staff. We will act as your appointment setting team, so that your outside sales team can utilize their time wisely in closing and negotiating - rather than cold calling and researching. View our About Us page to learn about our unique qualifications.

Can a small company benefit from an appointment setting program?

Certainly! Most of our clients are small to mid size businesses that began their appointment setting campaigns with a small pilot program. Our philosophy involves starting an appointment setting campaign that is small in size and increasing hours as needed, but only after the appointment setting services have proven to be successful on a smaller scale.

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